Radio Happy Hour Episode #5 w/Craig Finn & Tad Kubler (of The Hold Steady), and Chuck Klosterman

Episode 5

MNartists & Kanye West Love Radio Happy Hour

It’s true. Two of the world’s foremost taste-makers are giving Radio Happy Hour the thumbs up.

Over at MNartists writer David Doody says, “murder has never sounded so funny.” Which may sound odd out of context, but I assure you, it’s a compliment. You can read the full article here.

As if that wasn’t a big enough endorsement, Kanye West is also saying some great things about Radio Happy Hour. In a recent appearance on Mtv he can be heard saying, “Imma [watch every episode of Radio Happy Hour to the] finish. [That show is] one of the best [shows] of all time.”

We’re currently trying to reach Kanye for some more praise, but he’s not returning my calls anymore. Not sure what that’s about. Kanye? What gives?

Episode 4, featuring Tunde Adebimpe

Check out the October show with Tunde from TV on the Radio, and Kumail Nanjiani from Michael and Michael have issues.

Episode 4 featuring Tunde Adebimpe

Another W.K. Vid

Tunde performs. Check back for the podcast on Tuesday

Check back on Wednesday for another amazing Andrew WK video.

October 10th Pics

Check out pictures from Saturday’s show here.

Skibiak, Kumail, Robin, Tunde, Sam (Stephanie hiding in the background).

Skibiak, Kumail, Robin, Tunde, Sam (Stephanie hiding in the background).

Pics from yesterday’s show

…are coming today.