This guy yelled at the janitor at my gym. He yelled, “Hey buddy. When I tell you to stop doing something, you’d better stop doing it!” Well played, asshole. I had never seen the janitor say anything, but he’s always smiling. 



A-hole who gets to go to the gym at noon on a Wednesday

He yelled at him and then threw up his arms as if to say, “Bring it, Janitor. What?” And he kept yelling for a bit while the janitor, who doesn’t speak English terribly well, tried to get him to calm down. The guy kept yelling. The janitor was trying to clean the front of his treadmill, which had no effect on his running (the janitor cleaned the front of my treadmill first and it had no impact on me). This is a guy who gets to go to the gym at noon on a Wednesday. Leave the janitor alone. Asshole. 

I said to the guy, “Leave the janitor alone, A-hole.” 

I didn’t really. That guy was scary. I just thought about the new iPhone update and continued my cardio routine. Then I secretly took this picture so that I could expose him on my blog. What a pansy. 

But iPhone 3.0 is amazing. I can cut and paste!


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