Andrew W.K. at Radio Happy Hour

Andrew W.K. stood and delivered on Saturday. It was quite a spectacle. He was a great guest. The podcast version of the show will be available here and on iTunes later today!

Video courtesy of Benji Rogers. Thanks Benj! Loving your work.


3 responses to “Andrew W.K. at Radio Happy Hour

  1. Captain Obvious

    Can’t believe non of you fixed/tightened his fuckin mic.
    Very Bleeck

    • Bleak, indeed, Capt. Obvious. We tightened the mic arm between songs and it still didn’t work properly. During the second song, a producer actually held it. In the end, WK turned it into part of his performance and the audience loved it – that guy’s amazing. They don’t make microphones the way they used to, eh?

  2. I do believe that W.K. did not have to push his face against the mic when he noticed it was moving away from him. I do believe that he purposefully “faced” that mic, moving it as part of his performance, and the producer, who held the mic while smirking, inserted himself into the performance when it wasn’t necessary. It was pretty amazing nevertheless, there now exists a new W.K. fan.

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