About Radio Happy Hour

Radio Happy Hour, a live variety show featuring an old-time radio comedy/drama and guest stars, will debut on Saturday, June 13 at 2 pm at (Le) Poisson Rouge in the historic Greenwich Village. Norah Jones will be the guest for the premiere performance. The show engages its guests – actors, musicians, authors – in a wildly right-angled conversation that careens between interviews, performances, and audience questions. And at the center of it all is a short, old time radio drama/comedy in which the guest stars as him or herself or, in some cases, as Nancy Drew. Audiences will see all of this–the interviews, the corny jokes, the guest performances, and the behind-the-scenes making of a radio drama–from 2 to 3 pm on the second Saturdays of June, July, and August.

Radio Happy Hour was created by Sam Osterhout, co-founder of the Electric Arc Radio Show (EARS), a wildly popular Minneapolis-based radio sitcom. Performed before a live audience, EARS has much in common with Radio Happy Hour. EARS also had guests, such as Al Franken. Both use voice actors, campy sound effects, and both are centered around a radio drama. “Radio Happy Hour is an updated, New York version of Hee Haw. With more drinking and dirtier jokes,” said Osterhout, who, along with his EARS co-founder, novelist Geoff Herbach (The Miracle Letter of T. Rimberg, Crown/Three Rivers Press), will co-write each episode of Radio Happy Hour. Osterhout will also host the show.

Performances of Radio Happy Hour, presented at (le) Poisson Rouge, will take place on June 13 (w/ Norah Jones), July 11 (w/ Michael Showalter), and August 8 (w/ Andrew W.K.), all Saturdays, at 2 pm. Doors open at 1:30 pm. Tickets are $5. Audio podcasts of the show will be posted on the Radio Happy Hour website.


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